I know that you have travelled far
You’ve fought the demons on your way
Now you came here, I let you in
and bid you by the fire stay
I give you tea, I take your sword
Now that the darkness is all around
Let me hold your tired body
You are safe and sound

Whatever evil thoughts and deeds
You’ve witnessed while you travelled here
I promise you that there’s still hope
And it’s the light that draws us near
I take your hand, I kiss your lips
You look at me as if spellbound
Let me soothe your crying heart
You are safe and sound

And in your eyes I see you’ve heard
Words crueler than just sticks and stones
You think you have to shrug them off
When truth is – they cut to the bone
I gaze into your fearul eyes
like you don’t want it to be found
Let me calm your racing mind
You are safe and sound

And all these fights, these deeds and words
Were not the hardest of ordeals
It was the helplessness that made
You wander off into my realm
And now I’ve took you in my heart
A dragon’s heart filled with love profound
Let me mend your broken soul
You are safe and sound

Bardzo smocza piosenka z alternatywnym tyułem „Dragon”
Tekst i muzyka Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA