Fly Up

When Darkness arises over the Valley
And takes away your land
It quells your courage and will to fly
with Crows looming round
But even that monstrous powerless feeling
that creeps into minds and hearts
Is scared away by a group of friends
with them you can bring back the light

Fly high, Firefly, soar up to your sky
to cinders that glisten as bright
as sparks of hope, dreams of the future
and faith in the victory of light

And so wing in wing, antennae in antennae
The Captain, the Roach and the Firefly
the Mantis, the Termite, two Bees, Caterpillar and the tiny Fruit fly
will face the Darkness with sparks in their hearts
As bright as the light of day
Fear not, my dear friends, for sparks will start
a flame of hope that prevails

Fly up (słowa i muzyka Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA) to angielska wersja utworu zainspirowanego „Świetlikiem w ciemnościach” Jakuba Ćwieka.