The Fall of Sulcarkeep

Wind and flame and earth and wave
Sulcarkeep, proud Sulcarkeep!
All sent to dig a trader’s grave;
Sulcarkeep, lost Sulcarkeep!

„’Tis but to ward,” proud Osberic said,
„Sulcarkeep, strong Sulcarkeep!
There’s none without permission tread
In Sulcarkeep, fair Sulcarkeep!”

Yet when the fog stole rank and thick
On Sulcarkeep, dark Sulcarkeep
Sent by a Kolder demon-trick
To Sulcarkeep, cursed Sulcarkeep,

The trader knew his fate was nigh
In Sulcarkeep, strong Sulcarkeep
For Death came drifting from the sky
To Sulcarkeep, doomed Sulcarkeep.

With swinging axe and bloodied sword
Through Sulcarkeep, vast Sulcarkeep
They fought the mindless, soulless horde
Down Sulcarkeep, through Sulcarkeep.

And when they reached the mighty heart
Of Sulcarkeep, proud Sulcarkeep
Then did witchmen and Sulcar part
In Sulcarkeep, damned Sulcarkeep

„With my own hand shall I lay waste
My Sulcarkeep, dear Sulcarkeep!”
Said Osberic, „Now make you haste,
From Sulcarkeep, lost Sulcarkeep!”

So he unleashed the mighty power
In Sulcarkeep, proud Sulcarkeep
That made of stone a flaming flower;
Ah Sulcarkeep, Ah Sulcarkeep!


Słowa A.C. Crispin, Andre Norton   „Songsmith”
Muzyka Barbara Karlik