20 years of harping

My anniversary concert “20 years of tuning” will take place on the 27 November at 6:00 pm Polish time (CET) in the Yamaha Music School Poznan and on the Internet.

20 years ago I first tuned my harp and put my fingers on the strings. My guide was Ann Heymann’s book “Gaelic Harpers First Tunes”. Since then I changed my harp to a more historically plausible one, I visited Ireland to learn from the top harpers who play this particular instruments, I started an ambitious project of making a faithful replica of a late 17 century harp, played the hedgehog song for Terry Prattchet, took part in numerous conventions and a handful of projects, in which I could work with extremely talented artists.

I’d like to invite you to a special concert, in which I’ll look back at some memories, but also look to the future. I would love to do it with You, the ones who were with me from the very beginning ,and those who I still want to get to know. Let yourselves be enchanted and enthralled by the harp just as I am!

More information and ticket sales will start soon, but I encourage you to save the date in your calendars!

Facebook Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1591146337892617

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In 1617 he Polish prince sent a letter to recruit an Irish harper named Donatus O’Chaine to play at his court, and now you too can be a Patron to a harpress!