The Early Gaelic Harp is unique for its bell-like sound. I invite you to have a listen!

The first thing I’d suggest is the player in the right hand menu.


  • Suantrai – string of sleep – a CD consisting of many beautiful lullabies (written by me, traditional and Early music), recorded in 2014. The page contains, on the bottom, hummed and instrumental versions to download, and maybe – sing along with.
  • The Inn of Unfinished Tales – recorded in 2010. The playlist consists of folk, filk and Early music – this is what you can hear in the player
  • Mairi Cláirseach sings – my first album, recorded in 2008. Available for download.e

Video – look and listen to home made and concert videos.

Downloads – different tunes and songs for download.

You can buy my albums at concerts or via the internet. Contact me at [email protected]