The Second Contest – let the voting begin

Hello all 🙂

It’s time for you to decide which song will win the Second Contest. You can listen to all the videos here.

Then you can vote, using the form, which is here. The tricky part is that it’s in Polish, but fear not, the fields are as follows:



email address (You will only get a confirmation of your vote)

A drop down menu to choose the song.

Submit button.

I will give a CD Inn of Unfinished Tales to one lucky voter, so don’t hesitate 🙂

The voting finishes on 25 of April and the winner will be announced at the nearest full moon – that is the 26th of April.

Have fun!


Alegoria concert

Hello there 🙂

Finishing off my little week with the camera I registered a concert I played at café Alegoria on 01.12.2012. The theme was “Bibliotheca fantastica” and those are mostly my songs inspired by books. Have a listen if you wish, but be warned – I talk quite a lot before every tune.

Go to my YouTube channel.