Unicorn (Wicked Fairytale)

It was down by the water, the moon was new
a black-haired girl in a dress of blue
she was pure innocence, like a baby born
and with her song she could woo the unicorns
“Come to me innocent, creature of joy
come to me softly, my touch you will enjoy
I’ll comb your manes and untangle your hair”
And they came to her by the stream

It was down by the fire on a Beltane’s night
a black-haired maid in a green dress, so bright,
she danced by the fire when the moon was full
and the Horned Ones chanted a familiar tune
“Come to us, innocent, creature of joy
come to us quickly, our touch you will enjoy
we’ll part your thighs and we’ll tangle your hair”
And she came to them by the fire

Next day she woke up, put dress of red
a black-haired woman weeped with deep regret
for her innocence was gone and her dress was torn
and all she could do was hint the unicorns
“Come to me, innocent, creatures of joy
come to me blissfully, your death I will enjoy
I’ll drink up your blood and forever be young”
and she hunted them down by the stream

An ironic look at the tales of unicorns and maidens

Lyrics and music by Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA.