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Gamer’s Lullaby

The night is almost gone
The light of dawn is reflecting from your screen
You are almost out of gold
And the treasure is nowhere to be seen
There will always be another beast to slay
so leave your controller be and lay down to bed

I promise you a dream
Of worlds created entirely for you
The moongate opens here
To take you away to where the cake is true
There will always be another day to play
but now it’s time to respawn, so come to bed

Don’t get caught between
Those endless dialogue options in the game
You hear your friends
Snoring on teamspeak as you click away
And there will always be that other storyline
But it is time to sleep so tell the game goodbye

You’ve beaten Sandman up
Your eyes itch, but he’s not coming back
You almost have the Mech
But I think it’s time for you to relax
There will always be another quest ahead
so take a break, save, quit and come to bed

As soon as you lay down
I surly will not have you counting sheep
I know better
That Shepard’s work is more than this
And there will always be another headshot opportunity
So just lay down, close your eyes and log into your dreams

Gamer’s lullaby is a very special song for Felicia Day and my fellow gamers. Lyrics and music by Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA, The last instrumental fragment is my take on the opening theme from The Guild composed by Don Schiff