About cláirseach

  • – The first and best source for early gaelic harp information.
  • Historical Harp Society – the society promoting the national instrument of Ireland – The Cláirseach
  • Scoil na gClairseach – a weeklong workshop in Kilkenny organizet by the Historical Harp Society of Ireland – I think it should be declared as a World Heritage event 😉
  • Ann Heymann – the page of the doyenne of the Cláirseach revival.
  • Siobhán Armstrong – the webpage of a talented harpist and harper, the chair of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland.
  • Leszek Pelc – The webpage of an instrument maker, who makes early medieval instruments, the maker of my Queen Mary replica. ( website in Polish)
  • Davy Patton – An Irish woodworker and artist, Davy makes breathtakingly beautiful harps. He made the exect copy of the Queen Mary harp for Simon Chadwick.
  • Harpers Green – a polish harp website, has a section about the cláirseach. (website in Polish)
  • Project Telyn Rawn – An interesting project concerning the revival of the welsh horsehair strung harp
  • Vincente La Camera – Harper and harpist from the Canaries.



  • Danar – Polish celtic folk band.
  • Gabriela Kulka – Pianist and songwriter
  • Kwartet Pro Forma – A quartet playing their own music as well as J. Kaczmarski. (website in Polish)
  • Grabek Music – The webpage of Wojtek Grabek with info on his new album “8”, which features also Barbara’s harp.
  • Heather Dale – sings songs for modern dreamers. Wonderful music from Canada.
  • Cécile Corbel – a Bretonne harpress and singer, very talented lady.
  • Patrycja Napierała – she plays frame drums, cajon, drums and kitchen utensils.


  • Celtica – an Irish dancing formation from Poznań, Poland (website in Polish)


  • Studio Linnenn – Photography and artistic photomanipulation by Monika Goldszmidt (website in Polish)
  • Polish-Irish Society A webpage of the society promoting the Irish culture in Poland (website in Polish)
  • Silverclock – Storytelling with photography.
  • Firefly in the Darkness – a webpage promoting a children’s story about a brave firefly. The website promotes donating to Kids Need to Read. Check it out. There are harp sounds in it as well 🙂