The Cláirseach harp is an instrument with an unforgettable voice. It creates a beautiful, transfixing, even magical atmosphere. I offer the following programmes:

Concert (duration +/-1h)

  • old and traditional Celtic music (I can also play in a historical gown based on 10th century Viking and Slavic chemises)
  • music and books – compositions inspired by literature

Accompanying company receptions

  • subtle background music for a company occasion
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • music in church – a few compositions during Mass (please note that due to the character of the instrument it still requires the participation of an organist).
  • music during the wedding reception – to greet the newlyweds as they arrive and during the dinner

Music at home

In the 18th and 19th century harpers travelled from estate to estate, playing music during small parties, gatherings and family meetings. Why not resurrect this beautiful tradition and invite a graceful harpress, who will add a special note of real charm and style to an engagement, a wedding anniversary, graduation ceremony or any other occasion…

Harp lessons

I give Early Gaelic Harp lessons in person and through Skype. E-mail me for further details.