Firefly in the darkness

Midwinter is near, the nights are getting longer and the days darker. I think it’s time to bring it a new spark, a little light that might make your life warmer and help you brighten up other people’s lives.

You might have stumbled upon my news from August and September, that I was recording some music for a secret project, and now I can finally shed some light on the mystery.

As a Firefly fan and a member of Browncoats of Poland I proudly present a beautiful little story, that not only helps fund the KidsNeedToRead charity, but will also bring warmth and tears of joy to all the people who read it.

Jakub Ćwiek wrote a fairy tale. Magdalena Babińska drew the wonderful artwork. I read the story and looked at the pictures and was moved, and even a bit weepy. Anyway, when the possibility of adding my two strings to the project appeared I just couldn’t stop the inspiration. 😉 I wrote a march which is the background music for the story’s website and the ballad ‘Fly Up‘ (and the Polish version ‘Leć w Górę’) .

So, how does it work? Go to where you will find the whole story in e-book format. You can download it for free, and if you like it – donate a some money to charity with an annotation ‘From Fireflies of the Valley’. When browsing the web page be sure to click the bonuses menu – you will find my music and other juicy goodies.

That’s not all. You can also order your very own printed hard-cover book (bilingual, Polish and English), printed on a glossy paper, and with a CD with ‘Fly up’ and ‘W góre’ tunes. You can order it straight away and, with a spark of luck you might have a nice present for midwinter (or just the start of new year) for all the children (both big and small). All the profits from sales of the printed version go to KidsNeedToRead charity, that promotes reading among children.

Get to know the Fireflies!