Six days left for voting for your favourite contest entry!

Hello there!

You might have noticed that I published some videos: well some of them (the ones you can see HERE) are my final four contest entries. Some time ago, when I played the concert at Pyrkon I asked all my friends to help me pick the best one. You too can vote!

I know, that the language barrier might be a problem, but I will tell a couple of words on every entry.

1.  Elen sila lumen omentielvo – lyrics by Anna Betlejewska. A simple, yet stunning ballad summoning the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. The bard sings about the old days and wishes for the star to shine over the hour of our meeting.

2. Wiosna (Spring) – lyrics by Kaja Kasprowicz, inspired by “A journey to the unknown Kadath” by H. P. Lovecraft. The silver light shines onto the sea of leaves, where the moon, like a boat sails across the sky. The moon sailors read the stars before the fire of dusk sets the sky ablaze. I don’t want to sleep on a night like this.

3. Wody głębokie jak niebo (The waters as deep as the sky) – lyrics by Mirosław Wibrys, inspired by A. Brzezińska’s anthology “Wody głebokie jak niebo”. I ask my love how may we find each other, again and again if we are forever changing and changed into something else.

4. Niekołysanka (Not-lullaby) – lyrics by Aleksandra Balcerak, inspired by the Moomins from T. Jansson. Homek – Toft from the books, has a very vivid imagination – he brings to life the things he reads about. This little not-lullaby teaches him, that only he has the power to harness his dreams.

How to vote?

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4. pick your favorite song from the list

Click the button “Głosuję” – vote 🙂 and that is all.

One of the voters can win a signed copy of the “Inn of unfinished tales” CD, so tell your friends!