Hear hear!

I announce the first official harp contest!

The prize is a free concert at the venue of your choice* (it might be your living room at a family party, or your favorite pub if you arrange it), so without further ado I’d like to ask you to take up your pens! (or keyboards, crayons and other media of your choice).

Rules are simple: Write a poem/song inspired by your favorite book (fantasy/sf, but I won’t discriminate other genres) and send it to [email protected] before the end of February (28.02 included). You can send in more than one song.

I will include the three best songs in my Pyrkon 2011 concert in Poznań.

By sending in your contest entry you agree to publishing it at this website and performing it at concerts (with all authors information of course).

PS. Please, when sending in the contest entry add your full name and the name of the book that inspired your song.

*the date of the concert depends on my concert schedule. Depending on the venue I might need a refund of transportation costs. Take that into consideration if you live in New Zealand 😉