This is a page for my harp sketches and various downloadable tunes. The quality of the recordings is varied, as the majority of the tunes are recorded on a dictation machine (A Tascam DR-05, for those interested, I use the built-in microphones), at my home, in a relaxed atmosphere. Treat them like a very private concert, like I was sitting on your kitchen chair, and played over a cup of tea.

This page will also include the soundtracks for all the new videos that I upload to youtube (I started recording the audio on my dictation machine and merging it with the video recording from the camera, for the better quality of sound), so you can download them to you mp3 players and listen to them offline.

  • Nie spaceruję nago (I don’t walk around naked)- a cover of a song by Renata Przemyk with words by Anna Saraniecka, registered during the recording of Mairi Clairseach Sings
  • Kochanka Morza (The lover of the sea) – a love song recorded in 2014, at my home. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA
  • Wilcza Zamieć – (The Wolven Storm, Polish version) – a cover Priscilla’s song from Witcher III: Wild Hunt, with lyrics by Aleksandra Motyka and music by Marcin Przybyłowicz. Recorded at home in January 2016.
  • Dziewczyna z sową – (The girl with the owl) – one of these sad songs, recorded at home in March 2016. Lyrics and music by Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA
  • Głóg – (Hawthorn) – a song from the Second Harpress’s contest, with lyrics by Aleksandra Balcerak. Tells an alternate cersion of the story of Tristan and Iseult, from the point of view of king Marc and Iseult Blanchemains. Music by Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA. Recorded at home, December 2016.
  • Kołysanka łez – (The lullaby of tears) – it’s a lullaby that’s good to cry to. Recorded at home in December 2016. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA.
  • A medley of Kołysanka Erotyczna (an Erotic Lullaby) and a cover of Eurythmics’s Sweet Dreams. Lyrics and music for the erotic lullaby are CC-BY-SA Barbara Karlik, the arrangement of the cover was also by Barbara Karlik.
  • Forget-me-not – a charm of memory from a couple of years ago. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA. Recorded at the end of 2016 over a cup of holiday tea.
  • Safe /Dragon – a very dragon song written in the beginning of 2017. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA. Recorded in January 2017 over a cup of Laponia tea.
  • Idź Już – a song that’s the product of procrasealnation – writing songs about seals instead of songs that have a deadline. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA. Recorded while I was sitting on the floor, old style, on the last day of August 2018, with a cup of tea with roasted sweet chestnuts.
  • The Durdin song – a song written at the 3 episode of 3 international timeline of Witcher School larp. Recorded on an Autumn Sunday afternoon with a cup of Earl Grey as a birthday present for Durdin. Lyrics and music Barbara Karlik CC-BY-SA.

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