Suantrai – the string of sleep

Suantraí – the string of sleep is a CD published in 2014, filled with traditional and Early music lullabys as well as Barbara’s own compositons. The compositions employ the enchanting, soothing harp and voice, but also magical tones of the fiddle and two flutes. Early Gaelic Harp and voice by Barbara Karlik is joined by musical guests: Ewelina Grygier, Marta Obrempalska i Dorota Żak.

Instrumental and hummed versions of all the lullabys are avaliable for download on the bottom of this page

List of tracks:

1. Czas Na Sen 2:08
2. Kołysanka Tkaczki Baśni 3:42
3. Nurse putting a child to sleep 2:10
4. Kot-łysanka 2:30
5. Hó-bha-ín 4:44
6. Kołysanka Balduranka 2:06
7. Suo Gân 3:35
8. Niekołysanka (sł. A. Balcerak) 1:53
9. Puhu puhu 3:10
10. Kołysanka Boga Lira 5:45
11. Lull-a-lion 2:29
12. Kołysanka zza horyzontu 3:00
13. Eíníní 4:58
14. Niteczka (lyrics and music. M. Majchrzycka) 2:12
12. Gamer’s Lullaby 4:00

Total playing time 49:02

The record is available at 20 euro (+postage and packaging). Please contact me by e-mail.