Mairi Cláirseach sings

Mairi Cláirseach Sings” – a recording brimming with the plangent and joyful sounds of the metal-string harp and of a voice which will lead you through the hills and vales of Ireland and Scotland, through the pages of books written long ago, to the land of imagination, and not without a few deft touches of humour. I kindly invite you to listen to it!

Recorded in 2008

Out of print, but you can download the whole CD using the link specified below, or just download your favourite songs using the track list.

List of tracks:

1. She moved through the fair (traditional) 2:29
2. Prządka/The Weaver 2:19
3. Black is the colour (traditional) 2:29
4. Czarny kot/Black Cat 2:30
5. Run away, my love 2:14
6. Dziewczę ze stali (lyrics Katarzyna „Avari” Wojdak) 5:26
7. Wicked fairytale 2:19
8. Czarne oceany/Black Oceans 3:58
9. Adonai (lyrics Anna „Nifrodel” Adamczyk) 1:30
10. Gwen’s lullabye to Ygerna (a song by Gwen Knighton) 5:43
11. Bonny Portmore (traditional) 4:09
12. Kołysanka erotyczna/ An erotic lullabye 1:21

Download the whole CD with polish booklet